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Arangu: A Vibrant Celebration of Culture and Talent at SJCC

The College Open Stadium echoed with artistic expression and cultural exchange on January 25th as Arangu, the annual SJCC YouthFestival, unfolded its vibrant festivities. The event drew enthusiastic participants and spectators, eager to partake in a day brimming with dance, music, and art. The festival commenced with a warm welcome by Mr.Nevin Manoj, the Chairperson, setting the tone for the day's events. Dr.JosephParackal, the Principal, emphasized the importance of the college as a 'kalalayam'- a place that fosters cultural engagement within the academic community. Fr. Jophy Puthuparampu, the Executive Director of Media Village institutions, officially inaugurated the Arts Fest, encouraging students to showcase their creativity amidst ongoing campus renovations. As the competition day drew to a close, a 'kalasandhya 'provided a moment of reflection and celebration. The evening culminated in a prize distribution ceremony presided over by Dr.Mathew Muriankary, the Bursar and Academic Director. Prizes were awarded across various categories, acknowledging the talent and dedication of participants in onstage and offstage events, sports competitions, and even intercollegiate fests held outside SJCC. The festival reached its peak with captivating student performances. The Music Club's 'Unplugged' rendition mesmerized the audience, while Team Exception's dynamic dance performance showcased a rare style learned from a special choreographer. The drama club's gripping play, 'Vetta', presented under the guidance of a special master, left the audience spellbound. As Arangu concluded, it left a lasting impression on both students and teachers. The festival not only served as a platform for showcasing talent but also a testament to the vibrant cultural spirit of SJCC.