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Find out what makes us unique. Discover more about the motivational amenities we provide for our students.

Dolby Atmos Studio

Dolby Atmos is a surround sound technology developed by Dolby Laboratories. It allowing sounds to be interpreted as three-dimensional objects with neither horizontal nor vertical limitation.

Key Facilities:
  • 16 Channel Recording
  • Atoms Studio
  • Production House

Movie Theater

Media Village Cinemas is a movie theater designed for movie studies mainly for sjcc students. The state-of-the-art 4K projection system and 7.1 surround sound make it an ideal venue for experiencing movies in their full glory.

Key Facilities:
  • 235 Push Back Seats
  • 7.1 QSC Sound System
  • 4K Laser Projector

Photography Studio

Our photographic studio is spacious with roomy layout, nice furnishings, and lovely, captivating natural light. The ambiance is excellent for encouraging student productivity.

Key Facilities:
  • Studio Lights
  • Backdrops
  • Camera Stands

VFX Studio

Our VFX Studio helps the students to add a visual wonder to their creative contents. It brings together creativity, innovativeness, knowledge, and art.

Key Facilities:
  • Infinity Screen
  • Studio Lights
  • 180 Green Screen

Stop Motion Studio

Our Stop Motion Lab is unique and custom designed by industry experts.It is an Air Conditioned dark room that has 5 big light tables which can lit up in a multitude of ways with individual ceiling rail track systems along with a variety of studio lights fixed at the bottom of the table.

Key Facilities:
  • Ceiling Rail Track Systems
  • Key, Fill and Rim Lights
  • Full HD Digital Cameras

Animation Studio

Traditional hand-drawn animation is considered the mother of all animation techniques. The skill and principles of character animation are taught through hand-drawn animation. Our 2D lab has state-of-the-art 2D animation production facilities.

Key Facilities:
  • Light Boxes
  • Studio Lights
  • Scanning Machines

Radio Media Village 90.8 FM CR

It provides opportunities for students of SJCC to work and gain experience while they study. Moreover, many multimedia students do their project works in the radio. Listen to the live stream

Key Facilities:
  • First FM Community Radio Service in Kottayam
  • Pepper Awards
  • RJ Training

Media Village TV

MVTV, an online TV Channel powered by YouTube is run by the college to provide on the job training to the students in content production and webcasting. Watch MV TV Programmes

Key Facilities:
  • Professional Cameras
  • Editing Suit
  • Studio Floor

College Hostel

SJCC has the St Thomas boys hostel within the campus. The hostel has - beds and is run by the college management. The hostel has excellent infrastructure, facilities and food. There are also paying guest accommodation available outside the campus for girl students as well as boys.

College Canteen

There is a college canteen which serves light refreshments and lunch to students and staff. During special occasions, the canteen will arrange special menu as per request. The guests coming to the college are treated with special food prepared at our canteen.

Production House

MV Studios is a wing of SJCC that produces ad films, brand promotion events, films of all genres. In association with Motor vehicle department, Government of Kerala and Maruti Suzuki, MV Studios has produced three short films for road safety awareness. It has its own well equipped production unit with the latest tools and technology.