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The webinar series conducted by the IQAC of SJCC

Making use of the second lockdown due to the pandemic the St Joseph College of Communication came up with a webinar series bringing the intellectuals of SJCC in the public domain. The webinars were conducted by the IQAC of SJCC.
Prof. Prakash Moorthy
Time and Space in Animation Design.
12th June 2021

The first of the webinar series was conducted on 12th June 2021. The first webinar was taken by Prof. Prakash Moorthy, Academic Chairman SJCC. The topic was “Time and Space in Animation Design”. The webinar threw light on how the scientific theories of space and time can be applied to animation. Prof. Prakash Moorthy has changed the smart design landscape of India. He is a trained illustrator and an Animation Designer from two Premier Institutes of India (MSU and NID). He did Production Design of “Vanaprastham”, a feature film directed by Shaji N Karun and “Kaya Taran”, a feature film directed by Sashi Kumar. He designed the wild life interpretation centers at Rajamalai and Munnar wild life sanctuaries. His book “Animating an Indian Story” was published by NID in 2006 and he contributed short stories to “Between the Earth and the Sky” an anthology of stories from the forests edited by Savya Saachi for Penguin books, published in 2006. He created, designed and directed “Sulochana and the Nature Detectives”, a pilot film for Snaptoons, Turner Films International, which premiered on Cartoon Network. The webinar had participation from across the country with eminent scholars, animators, teachers and students. The webinar was led by Mr. Alwin Johnson, IQAC Director.

Mr. Sjan Kalathil
ഫോട്ടോഗ്രാഫി: വിവിധ സാധ്യതകളും ജനുസുകളും
16th June 2021.

The second webinar was conducted on 16th June 2021 and was taken by Mr. Sajan Kalathil, faculty SJCC. He is an ace photographer in the Malayalam industry and across the country. He completed his studies from FTII Pune and has been the cinematographer for many Malayalam films. He has many prominent advertisements in his credit. The webinar on ഫോട്ടോഗ്രാഫി: വിവിധ സാധ്യതകളും ജനുസുകളും attracted many young and aspiring cinematographers and photographers. The Q and A session was particularly interesting as it attracted any pertinent questions and the interactions were highly enlightening.

Prof. Josy Joseph
ഉത്തരാധുനികതയുടെ ദൃശ്യഭാഷ
19th June 2021

The third webinar was conducted on 19th June 2021 and was taken by Prof. Josy Joseph on ഉത്തരാധുനികതയുടെ ദൃശ്യഭാഷ. Prof. Josy Joseph is the Head of the Department of Media Studies, SJCC, who has 16 years of teaching experience. He has conceived, scripted and directed more than 250 programmes for Doordarshan, Asianet, Shalom TV and Amrita TV. He was instrumental in the various production phases of Television programmes and has presented and moderated many of them. He has co- scripted Bhavam, directed by Sathish Menon which won Kerala State Film Award for Best film, 2002. He has also written columns for major weeklies and magazines. He also has a novel Maranakkuthu published in his name. The webinar on ഉത്തരാധുനികതയുടെ ദൃശ്യഭാഷ was very enlightening and rich bringing in a comparative study of how popular culture and literature have evolved through the ages. A perspectival understanding of the evolution of the outlook of the audience was vividly evaluated. Teachers and students from across Kerala participated in the webinar. The Malayalam medium gave conceptual clarity and helped the audience understand better.

Mr. Jinu K Varghese
The Relevance of Visual Literacy
23rd June 2021

The fourth webinar was taken by Mr. Jinu K Varghese on 23rd June 2021 on the topic The Relevance of Visual Literacy. Mr. Jinu K Varghese is Asst. Professor in the Department of Media Studies. He has an avid love for films and is a go to person for anything related to movies. His specializations include film appreciation, visual literacy, aesthetics of film direction, script writing, art and visual perception and photography. He completed his Post Graduation from The Catholic University of Korea in Digital Media majoring in Culture Content. He was awarded one of the Best Travel Blogger by Yathra Magazine, 2017, and has travelled to more than 10 countries. The webinar saw participation from across the country. The crisp presentations were very useful in putting forth the concepts to the audience with dexterity. The webinar was very useful in the present scenario where we spend a major chunk of our time in the visual media. It threw light on how it is important to be visually literate and the cons of being manipulated otherwise.

Mr. Jose J Maliyackal
കാഴ്ചയുടെ വിസ്മയം VR AR and MR എന്ത്? എങ്ങനെ?
26th June 2021

The fifth webinar was taken by Mr. Jose J Maliyackal on 23rd June 2021 on the topic കാഴ്ചയുടെ വിസ്മയം VR AR and MR എന്ത്? എങ്ങനെ? Mr. Jose J Maliyackal is Asst Prof. in the Dept of Media Studies at St Joseph College of Communication. He is also the Managing Director & CEO of Ninjas Virtual reality Pvt Ltd, Thodupuzha. He is a Google Street view trusted professional. The webinar was a visual treat. We were shown how we are surrounded by AR VR and MR. The participants were virtually transported to how the world would be digitally revolutionized in the coming years. The talk also introduced us to technology available around us which we are unaware of. The class enunciated on the scope and of VR AR and MR in the decades to come.